somewhereawesome #6: Roadtrip to Kamloops

A photo gallery. 500 km Roadtrip from Vancouver to Kamloops and Adams River. We stayed at some places which were pretty nice – you can find them at the bottom of this post.

Kamloops is easy for the orientation: A lot of Motels you will find at Columbia street. Restaurants, Cafés and Bars are all at Victoria Street. That´s it.

Sleep: The “Knights Inn” Motel in Kamloops. Nothing special but has a great view. Typical “yummie” continental breakfast. There are surely better places but if you are on a low budget and you are not too picky… 625 West Columbia Street

Dinner: The MITTZ Kitchen is awesome. Pretty nice restaurant with delicious food. (Baked mac`n´cheese, great Steaks, house made ice cream sandwiches, etc.). 227 Victoria St.

Breakfast: Hello toast. Organic restaurant. Every style of eggs, Breakfast Burritos and all kinds of sweet and hearty toasts. Try the “pleasure toast”! 428 Victoria St. 

Short Hike: Peterson Creek Provincial Park right next to the city.

Best view: Above the Parking lot of the Chapters Viewpoint Restaurant. Perfect dating place. 100% Hollywood!