somewhereawesome #17: Lone Cone mountain adventure

Adventure Day! We set off for Lone Cone in the morning and jumped on the water taxi over to Meares Island. During the 10 minutes ride we passed some nice little islands, beaches and the native village named Opisat. We arrived at a strangely beautiful pier of the now abandoned town, Kakawis. A resident caretaker took a short notice of us, talking to our taxi driver (told him a short story about a cougar, he had seen the previous day) and drove away. Our taxi driver told us we should be “very careful on the way, should not stay too long up and turn around in time as the sun goes down at 4:15 already, call me when you are back, phone reception is only around the trail head”. Alright – let the adventure begin.

He left and we were alone in the middle of nowhere. The feeling was reinforced when we discovered the remains of the abandoned Kakawis village. Where was the resident caretaker? It suddenly became really quiet and the atmosphere was kind of scary.


As we arrived the trailhead we entered the “Tribal Park” zone with some “no Trespassing” signs. (You have to pay 5$ park fee). Wow, this was really exciting. The start of the hike was super muddy and tricky, so our shoes were already dirty at the beginning of the hike. Hello swamp and jungle. We didn´t say a word as we both weren´t sure, if we are really doing the right thing. (I felt like in the movie “The NeverEndingStory ” where the horse got stuck in the swamp – a scene you´ll never forget!)

After one hour “swamp hike” we begun ascending. Slowly at first then at 1.8k steeper and steeper.  We climbed into beautiful rainforest with a lot of fern and many thousand of hemlocks. (Meares Island is one of the places that have been preserved for a long time because of the history.). From this point until the end of the trail the hike averages about 45 degrees! Oh that grind made my legs burn!

Finally the trail ended and we were rewarded by an unbeatable awesome view. So worth it! We sat down, still exhausted but at peace with the world. It´s one of the best views I have ever seen. It also gives you an entirely different perspective on the area: The wide land and the islands, little Tofino town, the surf beaches to the south, the endless ocean and blue as it stretches off to the curve of the Earth! We ate all our food in no time and relaxed for a while while admiring the breathtaking views.

Right before sunset we finally arrived the pier. We didn´t feel our legs any more but we were really happy to get back in time. (You really don´t want to be alone in the dark on that island!). We made it to call our taxi driver and he picked us up right on time. From then on we were able to enjoy the sunset even more…