somewhereawesome #26: Exploring Oregon (chapter 3)

Hiking, surfing, biking, fishing, snowboarding … all in one place? The Gorge has it all. A day-trip to beautiful Combia River Gorge felt like a necessity while visiting friends in Portland during the Easter holidays.

Our route: Portland – Multnomah Falls – Dog Mountain hike – Columbia River Gorge drive – Hood River – Mt. Hood National Forest – Trillium Lake – Portland.

Located just an one hour drive east of Portland, we found ourselves in the middle of an outdoor adventurer’s playground. The Columbia River Gorge is an 80-mile stunning beauty (also the border between Oregon and Washington) with cliffs and mountains up to 4.000 feet above the wide river. On the beautiful drive we saw great moss and waterfall landscapes, thick rainforest and other bizarr land structures. Quite the entertaining scenery and the perfect way of passing the time, before arriving at Oregon´s tallest waterfall: Multnomah Falls. 

After crossing the “Bridge of the Gods” we arrived at Dog Mountain Trailhead in Washington state.

After facing a pretty steep (and sweaty) hike, we were rewarded by amazing views of the endless Columbia River Gorge and all the surrounding mountains. Legendary Mt. Hood being one of them.

Mt Hood National Forest – Trilium Lake:

Another paradise came around the corner, after reaching the Mt Hood National Forest area! Before that we passed the surf town Hood River (see 36 hours in Hood River/ NY times).

After so many stories and pictures we finally got a chance to see famous Mt. Hood! What a massive, mystical and amazing mountain!

We didn’t bring any snowboard gear and it was a pretty bad season after all … nevertheless Mt. Hood had it’s very special attraction. Leaving, without getting the chance to take some laps, felt like we´ve missed something. Well, maybe that’s just a good reason to come back. See you next time! We’ll come prepared.