somewhereawesome #38: Vancouver Island, BC – kayaking the Broken Group Islands

Kayaking and Backcountry camping in the Broken Island Group on the Westcoast of Vancouver Island was one of the adventures that I really wanted to do ever since someone told me about it. Unfortunately that weekend was one of the rainiest weekend in the last two months. But if you think like the Canadians –  “wet is good, that´s why we have a rain forest” – we had an awesome adventure out there. IMG_3824Broken Island Group is located on the Westcoast of Vancouver Island and an archipelago of over 100 islands. We entered Native territory as soon as we arrived at the Secret Campground at Torquat Bay. Imagine a very remote area with old-growth rain forests, where the Toquaht Natives people have lived and thrived for over 10,000 years. Most of the islands are sheltered from the ocean and it’s being said that the Broken Islands are one of the most peaceful and pristine paddling areas you can find. Every few strokes, we passed beautiful lagoons, arches, sea caves or rocky beaches that called to us to pull over and set up camp. We camped on three different islands: Hand Island, Clark Island, Willis Island. broken island-2 (Backcountry camping is permitted in designated areas on seven of the islands). Kayak Launch: Secret Beach Campground, Toquart Bay (First 3 pictures are taken by IPhone)

Thanks to my swedish, english and german group – it was awesome!