Good times in Taipei, Taiwan

18 days in Taiwan. We had an exciting adventure ahead of us. Until today Taiwan is not really on everyone´s travel map. This makes that destination even more interesting and mysterious.

Taipei. To get a view we startetd to hike up elephant mountain to see the city and it´s symbol, the 101 tower. Like described in the blog thethousandthgirl: “It´s stunning, it´s breathtaking, it´s amazing when you sit there, watching the skyline, a million others are eating, working, drinking, having sex, crying, dying-their tangled stories mysteries that you will never know. Your deep thoughts, your petty problems that you thought were so important seem to drown in the vastness of the view. It all seems to vanish, if only just for a moment.” That´s why I enjoy views so much. Because it makes everything smaller around you: yourself, your thoughts, your problems. Therefore, it is absolutely worth to climb up over hundred stairs in the tropical heat of Taipei.

STROLLING AROUND – the green city.

Maybe Taipei is one of the most underrated cities. Taipei is dirty, wild, big and loud but also young, creative and full of life. For example the street food, the scooters and the abundance of outdoor restaurants, street snacks and night markets. Taipei´s face is influenced by different cultures like china, japan or other parts of south east asia which you can experience especially in food and culture activities.

“Have you eaten yet?”  In Taiwan you don´t say hello when you meet a friend, it´s all about food and that is the first and most important question in the taiwanese culture.

Taiwanese food is a blend of tastes from around Asia. The food culture has Japanese influences, as well as influences from the West, the aboriginal people and the Chinese who immigrated to Taiwan. The food is always a surprise, it´s fresh, it´s healthy, it´s delicious: Dumplings, pancakes, beef noodles, sticky rice, stinky tofu … hello good food!

Beef noodle soup:

Yong Kang Beef Noodle Soup in Dongmen. So simple, so delicious!

No. 17, Lane 31, Section 2, Jinshan S. Road

Spring onion pancake:

Super busy street food vendor, Thanh Ky’s Pho (in Dongmen) but worth waiting in line for. Plain or with egg, cheese or ham.

No. 1, Lane 6, Yongkang Street

Best dumplings:

At one of the the famous Din tai fung places! For example:

No. 194, Section 2, Xinyi Road

More dumplings, sticky rice, stinky tofu and everything else:

At the night markets (Shi-Da or Shilin)

And always: Fresh fruits, shakes, teas, smoothies!


More things to do:

Boven Magazine Library / Bookstore

As the first themed library to open in Taiwan, Boven makes staying inside quite easy thanks to its interior design and comfortable couches. With more than 2,000 novels and magazines from around the world available, it’s a soothing environment to get lost.

B1, No.18, Aly 5, Lane 107, Sec. 1, Fuxing South Road

More awesome bookstores in taipei: here.

Wistaria Teahouse

Learn how to drink tea in a serious tea ceremony at the wistaria tea house. Good spot to relax in a meditative atmopshere while drinking a selection of premium taiwan teas.

No. 1, Lane 16, Section 3, Xinsheng S Rd, Da’an District

Dongmen and Daán district

Grab a pancake and a shake and go explore. Tose two districts were my favourite ones. Little boutiques, beautiful houses, creative coffee places and friendly people.


You cannot be in Taipei without getting loco at one of the thousand karaoke places. A little bit different to our european karaoke, the asian version is way better and quite an awesome experience: a private room, comfy couches, a great sound system, drinks and food all night long – all for yourself! Party world No. 22號, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District

More awesome things to do: here.