A long and beautiful 2 days Karwendel tour

Day one.

Innsbruck Hungerburg – Seegrube – Hafefelekar (15min) – Pfeishütte (2hours) – Halleranger-Alm (4:20h).

That´s definetely a tough and long tour, but very beautiful and adventurous.

Going up with the gondola to „Hafelekar“ was very nice even it was super foggy. We started on the beautiful „Goetheweg“ that took our breathe away. On one side you have an awesome view down to Innsbruck (when there is no fog) and the whole „Inntal“ and on the other side you are at the doorstep of the beautiful Karwendel-Mountains. What a contrast between noisy city life and the quiet mountains that you cannot enter any quicker than here.

start: Hafelekar

Passing numerous peaks, the trail winds along in the quiet beautiful natural landscape of the Karwendel from the Mühlkarscharte. After around 2 hours the path goes downhill to the unique situated Pfeishütte.


Pfeishütte to Halleranger-Alm: (4:20h)

We didn´t really know what to expect as our tour was not really planned before. Originally we wanted to sleep at Pfeishütte (we would have hiked up from Hungerburg to Hafelekar then), but Pfeishütte was fully booked so we had to choose to hike to Halleranger-Alm). So we took the long way, up and down, through scary steep scree, dense mountain pines and the „Wilde-Bande-Steig“. After a sweaty (Mid of August – it was hot!) never ending hike, we arrived at Halleranger-Alm. (Halleranger-Alm is actually way nicer than the DAV Halleranger-Haus). The alm is just 5 minutes further and beautifully located, directly at the origin of the Isar-river.

As we arrived we were very exhausted and enjoyed the sunset with a fresh Weißbier in the comfy deck chairs even more. (At this point we didn´t know what to expect on the next day – but it was actually better that way.)

After a nice evening in the hut with some traditional and hearty tyrolean food and the funny local Hüttenwirt (hut owner) we slept with 5 blankets and three other boys in our „camp“ . It was freezing cold, but we fell asleep pretty quick.

Day two.

We had breakfast on the sunny terrace and a chat with the owner about how to go back to Innsbruck. He suggested us a very beautiful and easy hike back – he also said it´s around 4 hours. So we started hiking:

Halleranger-Alm – Lafatscherjoch – Thaurer Alm – Vintlalm – Rumer Alm – Arzler Alm – Hungerburg!

Yes, it was a very beautiful hike but very exhausting and never ending. It was never 4 hours we made it in circa 7 hours including breaks! 4 nice huts on the way, awesome views to Innsbruck and Karwendel and legs full of pain. We wanted to rest at the very last Alm (Arzler Alm), get our well deserved nice Kaiserschmarn and Weißbier, but unfortunately it´s closed on mondays – and it was monday! So everyone of us took our very last energy and got ourselves back to the origin – the Hungerburg in Innsbruck. As soon as we arrived we threw away our hiking shoes and laid down in the middle of the parking lot.

7 hours up and down in the stinging heat – we really made it!